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We create software to harness the power of data.

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AI Powered Solutions.

Dogan Technologies provides software and artificial intelligence-based solutions to organizations. Many businesses face difficulty in utilizing their data to make informed decisions as their data is not organized in one place. Our platform utilizes your existing data and transforms it to identify future trends.

Our Expertise



We specialize in computer vision algorithm development to drive innovation in organizations. We tailor computer vision services directly to your specific needs. We can help with the automation of visual tasks, computer vision consulting, or building new products from scratch.



NLP is being integrated into most sophisticated Chatbots and Virtual Assistants. We can combine NLP and machine learning (ML) to help gain insights into human-generated, natural language text documents.



Our predictive analytics services range from data strategy consulting and custom machine learning-based model development to end-to-end predictive analytics software development. By leveraging data mining, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, companies can reach their most valuable audiences.


1. Software

Our team of consultants and developers take care of end-to-end development of both the front end and the back end. We utilize data analytics techniques to model raw data into useful information that supports your software. Our team is able to deliver quality products on time and at competitive costs.

2. Applications

We create applications on the cloud, and create mobile applications for users. Our team is experienced in creating Android and iOS applications. We create the software based on your needs, so you do not have to over pay. We have years of programming experience, so you do not have to code anything.

3. Data Mining

We are an experienced team of software developers, and we also know how to manage your data. With our data platform, you can uncover trends, common themes or patterns in your data. We can help your business effectively manage data and make data-driven decisions. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions!

4. Algorithms and Analytics

Our experts provide Artificial Intelligence-driven products to organizations for reimagining their businesses for the digital age. We offer an integrated portfolio of technology, products and services to startups and large enterprises that face difficulties with new data initiatives. We help the enterprises to discover insights from big data and enable them to automate their processes using analytics.

5. Machine Learning

We develop machine learning solutions for businesses that allow them to stay ahead of the competition. Our solutions are put together on the latest, most advanced technologies and algorithms, so that your business can receive all the benefits of cost efficiency, scalability, flexibility, manageability, and security. We create milestones for your project and inform you about every aspect.

6. Deep Learning

All our consultants have years of industry experience in delivering deep learning projects. They understand your business and the specific AI solutions that will deliver you the best results. Our developers work on all types of projects and deploy applications on the cloud. Our image recognition algorithms use deep learning to detect objects and can be used in image segmentation.

About Our AI solutions company

Our Trade

Coding, Researching, and
Innovating for people like you...

Our team works to overachieve, that is why we are so different. Dogan Technologies is made up of professors, entrepreneurs, scientists, and developers.

How we started it

Dogan Technologies has worked with Fortune 500 companies and startups in various industries. Our team believes the power of software and artificial intelligence can change the world, that is why we created Dogan Technologies.


Data presents a clear business value, but it’s up to organizations to understand and recognize the significance of their data. We offer an integrated portfolio of technology, products, and services to start-ups and large enterprises that face difficulties with new data initiatives.

The Solution

We help organizations manage and understand the potential implications in their data.


Our team is from the United States, but our customers live all over the world.

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